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Mockup of the functionality in the proposed layout module. See here for the ppt


The purpose of this module will be to provide all the basic functionality for simple viewing of data in Slicer in a single module. This will reduce the need to visit multiple modules to set up uncomplicated hanging protocols.

Functionality in controls

Slice Viewers

SV controls

  • Volumes and MVC's
    • LUT selection
    • Select volume: FG/BG/Mix Slider
    • W/L, W/L Presets
  • Link y/n
  • other options (like today in slice viewers and Slice viewer controls)
  • surface models intersection
  • compare view/light box

3D Viewers

3dV Controls

  • Camera
    • visible or creating the view
  • Slices (add SliceViewer)
    • interpolate,pan/zoom: from slice viewer or data
  • VolumeRendering
    • turn on/off
    • select volume,
    • ROI:select, visible, apply
    • select presets,
    • select render engine,
    • transfer function: move left/right, reset
    • jump to full module
  • models
    • pop up hierarchy/select model or group
    • on/off,
    • color,
    • transparency
  • annotation
    • text,
    • linear measurement,
    • recisst tool (bidimensional measurement),
    • fiducials,
    • jump to full module