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For the latest Slicer documentation, visit the read-the-docs.

If you are a newcomer, you should probably check these instructions !

Getting involved

It is open to everyone, feel free to join.
Intended for discussion of programming related questions


What's next ? What's the plan ?
Nightly, continuous and experimental dashboards.
Web-based bug tracking system
Source code API documentation.
Consistency and Readability for a manageable code base
Pages for the developer projects.
Informations about Slicer releases


Build instructions

git clone git://
Compiling and installing Slicer from source.
Compiling slicer modules outside of the slicer source tree.

Design & Implementation

Comparison between the different supported module types
  • Internals
    • Data Model / MRML - Objects and their organization. MRML Library provides API for managing medical image data type
    • Logics - Details the role of MRML/Slicer/Application/Modules logics and Displayable managers
    • IO Mechanism - How to read or write nodes from file
Presents the underlying infrastructure.
Description of the Charting architecture.
Details how Slicer is built, packaged and released.

How To