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NOTE: The development of Slicer 3 has been discontinued. Slicer 4 is now the recommended platform for both users and developers.

This is the download page for compiled versions of the 3D Slicer software. If you are looking for the source code, please click here.

Slicer 4 is the latest version of 3D Slicer, our medical image processing and data visualization software package. The new Slicer 4 is a complete re-architecture of 3D Slicer based on the Qt toolkit and the latest versions of the VTK and ITK packages. Slicer is open source, freely available, and distributed without restriction of use.

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License Agreement

Please read the Slicer License Agreement before downloading any binary releases of Slicer.


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  • Stable Releases: Pre-compiled stable Slicer Releases for Linux, Windows, Mac and Solaris. This is what most people will want to download. See also the release notes.
  • Snapshots: Custom built Slicer binaries, in various states of completion, i.e. some features might not be stable.
  • Nightly builds: This contains a week's worth of nightly builds. Nightly builds are experimental and sometimes unstable.
  • x86 means Intel or AMD processors, Darwin is for Mac OS X, PPC means PowerPC processors.
  • Mac: Darwin is the OpenSource software environment for Apple's Mac OS X
  • Hardware/OS requirement: Either Windows XP or more recent, Linux (x86 or x86_64), Mac OS X (ppc or Intel), min 2 GB of RAM and a dedicated graphic accelerator with at least 128 MB of on-board graphic memory (512 or more recommended). Shared memory graphics will result in slow render speeds.
  • X11 for Mac: On Mac OS X you will need to install X11 from the CD. As an alternative, we had good experience with xquartz. As of Mac OS 10.7 (Lion) some users have found that the latest Snow Leopard version (2.6.3) is needed.
  • Collaboration with the University of Szeged in Hungary has resulted in a port of slicer3 to the current generation of the Oracle (formerly Sun) Solaris operating system. More information, including binary downloads, is available at the Solaris page.
March 2011: Slicer 3.6.3 released

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Documentation and Training

Other Resources

  • Mantis Tracker: Slicer3 is not actively developed. Report issues on the mailing list.
  • Source Code: This page points to the source code repositories.
  • Slicer mailing lists: This page contains points to the Slicer users and developers mailing lists.

Download Statistics

  • See here for 3D Slicer download statistics.

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